Mazda3 cars sent on epic 9,300 mile test drive

JonathanJuly 22, 2013

Car manufacturer Mazda has decided to send all eight of its brand new cars on an unconventional test drive which will cross nine time zones, five countries and two continents.

The 9,300-mile road trip will be the ultimate test of endurance for all of the Mazda3 cars taking part. Its fleet of vehicles will start at the production factory in Hiroshima, Japan and finish at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

In a bid to demonstrate the reliability of Mazda’s latest range, the company is sending eight of its cars on one of the toughest test drives ever, which will transverse the world’s largest country, Russia, taking on arguably some of the toughest driving conditions in the world.

The Mazda cars will start their journey in a ferry which will transport them across the Sea of Japan and then it’s all down to the power of the cars as they travel from Russia’s main Pacific port Vladivostok on August 3rd to begin the mammoth test of endurance and reliability.

Journalists, bloggers and Mazda dealers will be driving the convoy across Asia and Europe in the ‘Mazda Route3 – Hiroshima to Frankfurt Challenger Tour 2013’ which plans to reach its final destination on September 7th, just three days before the motor show opens its doors.

Those interested in seeing whether all the Mazda cars will have the durability to make it across the finish line can follow the fleet’s progress on a dedicated website which will feature a range of images and videos.

Mazda dealers and British press will be among the first to get behind the wheel of the cars and will drive them from the Russian port to Krasnoyars, travelling through Blagoveshensk and Ulan-Ude.

The incredible durability feat will test both the cars and the drivers behind them as each leg will measure around 1,300 miles and take anything between three and six days each to complete.

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