Volvo innovates self-driving car tech

JonathanJuly 22, 2013

Car manufacturer Volvo has been developing technology that will allow vehicles to ultimately drive themselves. It hopes this will end accidents on the roads and eliminate the thousands of deaths every year which are caused by drivers.

The company has released a video highlighting the many ways its innovative vehicles will make roads across the world safer. Thomas Broberg, Volvo’s senior safety advisor, lists six of the technologies that the manufacturer is developing to produce the safest cars possible.

Volvo is working on these advancements as part of its 2020 Vision program which hopes to make its vehicles the safest on the road and eliminate all accidents involving Volvo cars by 2020.

Mr Broberg named the advancements as; pedestrian detection in darkness, animal detection, road edge and barrier detection, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, self-parking and adaptive cruise control with steer assist.

Some of these innovative safety developments are already available such as the pedestrian and animal detection. This technology comes as standard as part of Volvo’s City Safety System, available in the S60, XC60, XC70 and S80 models, which are available for car leasing with UKCarline from as little as £250.

This system automatically slams on the brakes of the vehicle if it registers that the car is about to collide with something. It completely stops any accidents under 19 mph and Volvo has already sold more-than-a-million vehicles with this pre-emptive auto braking technology.

Similar systems are also found in the Outback and Forester models by Subaru, which we also lease for both personal and business uses.

However, Volvo is pioneering some aspects of road safety technology and some of its developments will be the first time the car market has seen them. The road edge detection system will be a first for the company and the industry.

In the Volvo XC90, which will be released later this year, the advanced sensors can detect when the vehicle is about to hit a curb or veer off the road and automatically repositions your car into a safe point.

Volvo proclaims that this technology is able to work even without markings on the road or if they have become too faded for the driver to see.

The manufacturer’s vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V) encompasses a number of technologies which are being developed by both the car companies and the government. Once implemented, this system will allow cars to “speak” to each other to warn road users about potential hazards or threats on the roads even without them coming into motorist’s direct line-of-sight.

Volvo has also pioneered the automatic parking technology. The system is being developed by the company assists drivers in more than just parallel parking as Volvo is aiming to produce a product which allows the car to drop-off passengers and then find itself a free space.

The company has also added to the, fairly common, adaptive cruise control, which it hopes will not only manage braking and acceleration but also steer the vehicle in slow-moving traffic.

With more than 1,700 people being killed on UK roads last year alone, safety is a top priority for manufacturers and car leasing companies alike. We already offer a number of Volvo models with safety systems and can offer you affordable deals for business and personal use to keep our customers as safe as possible on British roads.

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