Mercedes-Benz set to go green with S-class plug-in hybrid

JonathanSeptember 16, 2014

Heavyweight German car manufacturer Mercedes has announced that the S-class, undoubtedly one of their most impressive and popular automobiles, is about to be officially launched as plug-in hybrid.

The news, which has been doing the rounds in the office this week, has been warmly received by environmentally conscious drivers. The move by Mercedes, which will see the new hybrid version of the model have the capability of hitting in excess of an impressive 100mpg combined cycle, has rightly been applauded by many in the industry.

The new and improved S500 model is said to be able to travel up to a whopping 20 miles using only electric power, while it will also be restricted to emitting a low 65g/km of CO2. This is great news for private buyers as it will mean that you can tax it for free. Even better, if you’re a company car driver you’ll get a 5% benefit in kind rate!

Production of the new hybrid S500 is due to begin in October of this year and the car is expected to hit the market at £87,965 – a hefty sum if we do say so ourselves. But fear not because as one of the UK’s top providers of Mercedes-Benz leasing deals there’s every chance that you could find this new Mercedes and many more like it available as part of an affordable commercial or business leasing plan.

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