New Apple iWatch – Will you be able to use it while driving?

JonathanSeptember 19, 2014

Apple this week released lots of juicy information about the upcoming iWatch, much to the delight of Apple enthusiasts and tech lovers throughout the UK. But while most the media coverage and social media discussion centred on what the gadget can and can’t do, at UK Carline we were looking at it from a completely different perspective. One of the first thoughts in the office was, ‘could you wear it while driving?’

A couple of Google searches later and we had our answer. As was probably expected, the Department for Transport have stated that anyone caught using an iWatch – a watch that allows you to stay up to date with messages and browse the internet – when driving can expect to receive a penalty, with the revolutionary technology being placed in the same class as a typical mobile phone as far as the law is concerned.

The move makes a lot of sense as the item would no doubt prove a dangerous distraction for drivers… possibly more so than a smartphone given the size and logistics of the upcoming Apple watch.

The problem is that many experts have already expressed fears that the new tech could be hard to police. A watch is a lot more discreet than a phone and that means traffic officers may have a difficult job of spotting people who flout the law and put other drivers at risk.

Speaking to Auto Express, a spokesperson for the Department for Transport said:

“Using a mobile phone or any device that distracts a driver whilst driving is extremely dangerous and is already illegal.

“We are also considering a number of further options to deter drivers. We also increased the fine to £100 last August for using a mobile phone whilst driving.”

But one of the problems we could face is that the iWatch has sat nav and hands-free features – both of which are legal in themselves – which could make the job of policing misuse very difficult.

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