Driven: Mitsubishi Outlander GX-3 Review

JonathanAugust 18, 2016

mitsubishi outlander gx-3 review front view
Keep reading for our Mitsubishi Outlander GX-3 review

Driven: Mitsubishi Outlander GX-3 Review

How many miles would you say is a typical test drive? A quick run round the block? Half an hour, maybe? We prefer to give our cars a decent run, so when Mitsubishi were kind enough to loan us an Outlander for a drive, we drove 500 miles in one day. I drove on the motorway, in town, A roads and B roads, with just me in the car, then later a load of passengers and luggage.

So how did it do?

Pretty well!

The Outlander was most surprising with the way it cruised so comfortably on the motorway. With a high driving position and tourquey diesel engine, the car settled into the a motorway cruise with ease. A four-wheel-drive SUV is never going to be as aerodynamic as a family saloon, but wind noise was insignificant, and tyre and engine noise were also muted. The elevated drive and great visibility were also a treat off the motorway. For an SUV, it handled reasonably well, although the seats didn’t offer much support when cornering compared to similar models.

mitsubishi outlander gx-3 review interior view
I got stuck taking this thanks to the child locks, which worked great. Stop laughing.

Our mid-range GX-3 version came kitted out with dual-zone climate control, Bluetooth, 18″ alloys and privacy glass. All diesel models have seven seats as standard. The cabin is practical, spacious, and the load area was excellent. It was perfect for the airport run I squeezed in during the day, with plenty of space for everyone and their luggage.

The Outlander returned an average of 39.8mpg, which is pretty impressive for how much it was carrying at speed. During the day, it was getting well over 40mpg – excellent for a car of this size.

The range starts at £24,599 for the GX-2 diesel, or can be leased from as little as £209+VAT on a four year contract hire. (Click here for more info). All new Mitsubishi have a great reputation for reliability, and are supported with a five year warranty as standard.

So after a fun day our, the Outlander showed it was a great all-rounder, and easily coped with everything I needed it to. It’s certainly a car I’ll use again for another busy day.


For: Practical, economical (for a 4wd SUV), impressive load carrier.

Against: Needlessly complicated Bluetooth

Verdict: A good all-rounder.

mitsubishi outlander gx-3 review rear view

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