Mitsubishi to debut new Outlander Hybrid technology at Paris

JonathanJune 18, 2012

One of the major advantages of using a car leasing scheme is the ease at which people find it to stay up to date with the latest technology in a world, where scientific breakthroughs often have profound effects on both the budget and the environment.

Mitsubishi are at the forefront of hybrid technology and will debut the all-new Outlander Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle (EV) at theupcoming Paris Motor Show.

The car manufacturer believes that the hybrid engine seen in this model will be a huge step in engineering.

It states the Outlander is a “new frontier” as itis not a “mere adaptation” of an existing Internal Combustion Engine(ICE)  nor a dedicated Plug-in Hybrid technology as seen in many EVs.

In fact, the new Outlander Plug-in Hybrid EV (PHEV) will share its architecture with the soon-to-be-introduced New Outlander’s ICE versions and Mitsubishi state this will make it the “first mainstream car from a major manufacturer envisaged from the outset with built-in provisions for either ICE or PHEV power trains”.

But what does this mean for the modern-day driver, more concerned about simple fuel costs than advanced mathematics and cutting-edge materials?

Well for starters it will mean that the car will be able to achieve the holy grail of EV design: Long distance travel and low emissions.

It could change the preconceptions about SUVs and 4×4 as the designers believe this Outlander could travel over 800 km and keep carbon dioxide emissions lower than 50 g/km – something that even the most economical city cars struggle to compete with.

Mitsubishi believe the car will be available by the end of the year for commercial use, meaning that fleet managers can get it on a car leasing scheme with no problems.

While families looking to take advantage of the fuel-saving technology could lease it from 2013.

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