Motorists unhappy with potholes

JonathanApril 9, 2014

Although the government has invested a lot of money into fixing the UK's networks of roads, many drivers still feel frustrated when they get behind the wheel. Some 67 per cent of motorists think they are doing a bad or a very bad job of maintaining the roads, according to the latest research published by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The figures from the road safety charity indicate that nearly two-thirds (65 per cent) of female drivers believe that the government is doing a bad or very bad job. However, their male counterparts are even more upset as 69 per cent of them feel unhappy with the current state of the roads.

IAM's research also indicated that there is a lack of communication between drivers and local councils.  A third of drivers (34 per cent) think that their council is cutting spending on road maintenance, while 60 per cent had no idea whether their local authority's spending had been reduced. 

Over half of drivers (52 per cent) think that local councils are doing a bad or very bad job of looking after local roads. Again, there is a gender divide, with 57 per cent of males drivers and 49 per cent of females thinking that their council is dnot doing enough.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said, regardless of the government's pothole review, there is still a high level of dissatisfaction with the steps being taken to make and keep roads safe and smooth to drive on.

"The government needs to convince motorists that they have a real cure for the pothole pandemic. This can only be achieved through clear communication on new policies, more sharing of resources, sustained long-term funding and a continued commitment to eradicating the maintenance backlog of crumbling British roads," he added.

To ensure that potholes don't damage your car or van, it's best to have a vehicle that has the latest technology to keep your and your loved ones safe and reduce the impact of sudden bumps in the road.

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