The New Mercedes GLS is Coming…

JonathanNovember 4, 2015

Mercedes have just unveiled their new GLS range this week, and it’s huge – 5 metres long, 1.8 metres tall, and with a wheelbase almost big enough to have a Toyota Aygo in the back with the kids.

Why did they rename it from GL to GLS, I hear you pining to ask? It’s all part of the new (slightly confusing) Mercedes naming system – S because it’s S-Class size (the GLE is E-Class size, GLC is C-Class size etc.), and GL is now the prefix for all SUVs.

Brilliant. What’s new? Well, it looks different for a start – a facelift for the lights and front end bringing it into line with the rest of the new GL range; all of the latest cutting-edge Mercedes tech with plenty of buttons to press; and all the luxury trim you’d expect from an SUV of this level.

Under the bonnet you get more fuel efficiency, plenty of tweaks to the engine and suspension, a brand new to the GL range 9 speed automatic gearbox, and some great new safety and driver assistance features – including lane keeping assistance and a pedestrian recognition warning.

You’ll be able to place your orders this month, with delivery expected in March next year – it probably won’t be cheap, but it’ll definitely be worth every penny. Give us a call and register your interest now!

Via Car Magazine

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