Nissan LVCs become more popular

JonathanFebruary 15, 2012

Businesses and fleet managers know the importance of having a reliable and optimised vehicle.

Staff and goods cannot be transported up and down the length of the country if engines fail or break pads wear thin.

One automobile manufacturer who has realised this is Nissan and now the company is reaping the rewards of its decision to focus on the fleet sector.

The Japanese firm has announced that it was the UK’s best performing light commercial vehicles (LCV) brand last year.

Fleet sales of Nissan’s vans soared by 159 per cent in 2011, with the Primastar, the NV200 and Navara all selling well.

Businesses who want to be part of the action and enjoy the benefits of using these vans, but do not have the capital to purchase one may want to use a van leasing scheme.

For example, Bridgestone recently added Primastars to its fleet, as they had the perfect mix of good fuel economy and volume capacity needed to transport their regional technicians to stricken buses.

Hiring a van, such as a Primastar, is a sensible option for firms with a tight or controlled cash flow, as they will be aware of all their expenditure months in advance and can cut down on unnecessary cost such as repairs.

Francis Bleasade, sales and marketing director of the manufacturer’s LCV, said its success was due to this renewed interest in the Nissan LCV range from the fleet sector.

“There are signs that fleets in particular are starting to replace their LCVs after extending replacement cycles during 2009 and 2010 which should help fuel sales,” he stated.

Mr Bleasade added that this is only the start of the company’s operations in the fleet sector.

“This was achieved despite only launching the NV400 range at the end of 2011. The full impact of this exciting addition to the range will be more evident during 2012,” he added.

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