Nissan wants to be zero-emissions leader

JonathanJuly 5, 2011

Eco-conscious car leasing customers will be encouraged by Nissan’s stated ambition to become the leader in zero emissions.

The Japanese carmaker is currently testing a new electric vehicle in Yokohama to see if the car, based on the compact commercial vehicle NV200, stands up to normal usage conditions.

Nissan Corporate vice president Hideto Murakami says customer feedback will influence future product development and he expects the NV200 to contribute both to users’ businesses and to the development of a sustainable society.

This approach is in line with Nissan’s objective to become the leader in zero emissions.

The manufacturer said it is “engaged in comprehensive efforts” to promote sustainable mobility and the use of electric vehicles, both through partnerships and on its own as it develops new technologies.

Some of these technologies were shared with the public last year at the Eco-Products event held in Yokohama.

Engineers displayed the workings of the Intelligent Dual Clutch Control, which is the hybrid system cut model behind the Fuga Hybrid’s fuel economy credentials.

Posted by Matthew Painter

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