Volt to make UK debut

JonathanJuly 1, 2011

Commuters looking for an eco-friendly car leasing deal may want to get their hands on a Chevrolet Volt in the coming years.

The hybrid, set for a UK launch early next year, only needs to have a charge attached to it when it is bought in the first place.

An on-board generator sustains battery power beyond the electric-only range of up to 50 miles depending on traffic and terrain.

With an electric drivetrain powering the Volt’s wheels, the petrol engine only serves to prevent the battery going flat.

Mark Terry, managing director of Chevrolet UK, describes the Volt as a “truly incredible car”, especially for commuters.

“You can use it for going to work and back during the week without ever putting fuel in, but it’s also an electric car that you can use for a family holiday,” he points out, as there are “never any concerns” over a battery going flat.

Motor Trend magazine named the Volt its car of 2011, with judge Chris Theodore describing it as “a real car that provides a unique driving experience”.

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