Nissan’s eNV200 considered for British Gas fleet

JonathanApril 9, 2013

British Gas has just completed an intensive month long testing programme of Nissan’s eNV200. There’s good news for the manufacturer: the model passed with flying colours.

The announcement came on the opening day of the Commercial Vehicle Show, ahead of British Gas’ plan to make a large chunk of its 13,000-vehicle LCV fleet electric by 2015.

The revolutionary eNV200s are the first 100 per cent electric van to be manufactured by Nissan, an award-winning Japanese car maker.

eNV200’s were subjected to rigorous testing in Sunderland, where temperatures dropped to -12 degrees Celsius. Colin Marriott, fleet general manager at British Gas said the cold weather testing was “vitally important to establish the van’s characteristics in real life working conditions”.

The adverse weather did not cause the eNV200 to disappoint, rather, it performed optimally, maintaining zero emissions. Mr Marriott praised Nissan for its model performance: “We have been very impressed with all elements of the Nissan eNV200”.

Corporate sales director at Nissan GB, Jon Pollock is happy for the chance to put its new model to the test. He said: “Working with a large fleet operator like British Gas allows us to receive a large range of feedback before the van launches in early 2014”.

eNV200s are a breakthrough hybrid combining much-loved attributes of two other Nissan models. The practicality, versatility and spaciousness of the NV200 compact van and the impressive zero emission concept of the Nissan LEAF have joined to create the new electric vans.

The Nissan NV200 Combi Diesel Estate is a strong model on its own, getting impressive gas mileage for a compact van. Add it to your fleet for under £200 a month.

As for British Gas’ massive fleet, more testing will be done to determine the exact mix. Nissan eNV200s will be a tough contender to beat, as they effectively minimise running costs, increase sustainability and reduce C02 emissions.

Should Nissan be contracted for the job, you can bet they’ll be celebrating by joyriding in a luxury model like the Nissan 350z Coupe.

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