Personal leasing customers put at risk by slow drivers

JonathanJuly 22, 2011

Slow drivers are making UK roads unsafe for personal leasing customers and other motorists.

Six in ten people questioned by said vehicles that move slower than the rest of the traffic are their top bugbear.

A third of respondents blamed a slow-moving vehicle for an accident or near-miss in the past.

Department for Transport figures show slow drivers are responsible for 143 accidents annually.’s head of car insurance, Gareth Kloet, said excessively slow driving is a “real problem” and called for the government to crack down on such offenders.

Nearly four in ten survey respondents suggested a minimum speed limit should be imposed on all UK roads, while others called for the introduction of a slow lane or dedicated time for such drivers to be on the road.

Earlier this week, road safety charity Brake called for personal leasing customers and other drivers to stick to a maximum of 20mph in neighbourhoods in order to keep children safe when they play outside during the summer holidays.

Posted by John Turner

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