Report shows reality of car leasing

JonathanJuly 16, 2013

A recent survey conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory has revealed the reality of car leasing in the UK. In addition to saving motorists money, experts found that renting has a surprising effect in regards to driving habits. Researchers discovered that rental customers tend to have more sustainable driving habits than vehicle owners, but that’s not all.

Despite having access to a car, rental customers tend to use their leased vehicle to link with other forms of transport like trains, buses, and planes in particular. Rented cars are driven more efficiently, as well, partly because customers are more cautious behind the wheel.

Transport minister Norman Baker welcomed the findings, saying car rental could increase the sustainability of transport throughout the UK. In addition, the increasing popularity of vehicle leasing may ease congestion on motorways and minimise the carbon footprint of Britain’s motorists.

Mr Baker added: “Pay-as-you-go car use also encourages people to consider alternative forms of travel and this report shows that those using these schemes tend to walk and cycle more often, helping to improve health and quality of life.”

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association says the findings support calls for car rental to be given greater consideration by policymakers.

Not only does car leasing benefit the environment, it also has a positive effect on customers’ finances. Research shows that car rental enables a large portion of motorists to avoid the large upfront costs of owning a vehicle.

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