Top tips to save money on your road trip

JonathanJuly 14, 2013

As thousands of Britons hit the road to embark on their summer holiday, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is offering tips to help keep vacation costs down. Their recommendations focus primarily on the top expense for travellers: fuel consumption. To minimise outgoings, experts at SMMT advise motorists to change their driving habits, opting for a more reserved, fuel-efficient style.

The problem isn’t limited to the summer months, either. UK motorists could save over £6.8 billion throughout the year if they adopted fuel-efficient driving habits. To put some of that money back into your holiday savings fund, follow SMMT’s advice.

Keep tyres inflated to optimal level

Under-inflated tyres burn through fuel faster than those that are at the optimal pressure level recommended in the owners’ manual. Currently, it’s estimated that approximately ten million cars are dangerously under-inflated, costing motorists extra money and putting them at risk of a blowout. In just one year’s time, proper tyre inflation across the UK would cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to one million tonnes and save as much as £440 million in fuel costs.

Service your car on a regular basis

Drivers should maintain their car to a high standard by replacing air filters and oil regularly. Additionally, wheel alignment should be checked frequently, as it can significantly impact fuel efficiency along with tyre wear – which could cost motorists even more.

Opt for a fuel-efficient model

If your car is a gas-guzzler, consider leasing a new one. Today, the market is full of eco-friendly, fuel-efficient models which will allow travellers to go further for less cash. Current models are 23 per cent more efficient than they were a decade ago. The Volkswagen Up Hatchback, which gets 62.8 MPG, or the Fiat Panda Hatchback with up to 54.3 MPG are two great options for drivers looking to save money.

Be mindful behind the wheel

To really save on fuel costs, drivers should adopt fuel-efficient habits, like keeping the air con off, or regularly cleaning out the car to lighten the load. Of course on holiday motorists are likely to be bogged down with luggage, but packing as lightly as possible can noticeably minimise fuel consumption. When it comes to saving on petrol, the little things really do add up.

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