Skoda voted best car maker

JonathanApril 30, 2014

Far from being the punch line in many jokes, Skoda has been voted as the best car maker in the UK by drivers themselves.

For people that enter car leasing deals, finding a manufacturer you can trust in can really make a difference when you get behind the wheel. However, with many motorists using this as a method to experiment with new car makers, knowing which manufacturers other drivers rate can be incredibly useful.

The survey from Auto Express tries to cover issues that really matter to drivers and so asks everyday motorists to rank the best cars and the manufacturers behind them. It rates cars in ten different categories, with reliability, build quality, running costs, ease of driving, performance, ride quality, road handling, seat comfort, practicality and in-car tech, all being taken into account.

Skoda has stolen the title from Lexus to take the first place once again as Britain's best car maker. Drivers were excited about the Czech brand's cars, giving the company an overall rating of 89.75 per cent. 
Steve Fowler, editor-in-chief of Auto Express, described the achievement as a "really good win" for Skoda.

"The brand has concentrated on affordability, which is key to its success. It came top for running costs overall, and within this it was the best-placed company for fuel economy and servicing costs. It was also rated the best car maker for practicality. With readers voting the Yeti, Citigo and Superb their top three cars, 2014 really has been a vintage year for Skoda." 

However, in the current economic climate, stumping up a large amount of cash for a hefty deposit can be a strain on anyone's finances. UK Carline can offer all of Skoda's most popular models including the Yeti, Citigo, and Superb.

We cater for all budgets and needs, so whether you have your sights set on a new model to impress your colleagues, or just want something more reliable for the family, car leasing can be the ideal solution.

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