Why companies should consider van leasing

JonathanMay 1, 2014

Whether you are a massive giant that has clients all across the world, or are a small business that works in the local area, van leasing can be the ideal solution for your company.

Modern business relies on companies being flexible and meeting all of their clients' needs, wherever they are. The evolution of the internet has changed the face of business and means deals can be completed or broken in a split-second from anywhere in the world.

Although this has broken down a lot of regional barriers, it means that many people are no longer doing business on their doorstep. Even if you work within a limited area, it's likely you still have to travel a lot during the month, making reliable, affordable transport a must.

Van leasing can't fix a burst water pipe or fit scaffolding for you, but it can take away a number of problems that none of us need to be worrying about, least of all when you are trying to keep a company afloat in the current economic climate.

What can van leasing do for you?
Having the opportunity to lease any number of vans at an affordable price is making business much easier for fleet managers across the UK. You have the assurance that you are running vehicles of the highest standard, and can even pick from the latest tracking technology to ensure your drivers are running like clockwork.

When it comes to buying a new van, be it for one driver or a fleet of them, there is always the difficult choice of sticking with what you know or opting for something new. With van leasing, the latter isn't such a risk, as UK Carline have already tested and assured quality and reliability in every vehicle we sell.

This not only gives you peace of mind, but brings down the costs you need to factor in from second hand vehicles that may break down at any point. This is a nightmare for fleet managers as, not only does it put you behind and lose productivity, but it also winds your driver up.

Van leasing means you can get your hands on vehicles straight off the manufacturing line at incredibly competitive prices. We only select the world's best manufacturers that combine everything you need in a working vehicle – loading space, appropriate weight, easy to use and low running costs.

This means you are free to try new manufacturers, rather than your usual go-to favourite. 

Although the UK is easing itself back into a recovery, for people running a company, every penny still counts. This means that profit margins are tight and any small saving is greatly appreciated over the financial year. 

Van leasing can help you reduce the amount you spend on running your fleet, whether this is through new technology that drives down running costs or getting a great deal from leasing a number of models. This gives you all the benefits of driving a new vehicle, without having to stump up the cash for a heavy deposit.

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