Smarter Driving saves British businesses £7.5m

JonathanApril 4, 2013

The Department of Transport’s Smarter Driving programme has trained its 30,000th employee, an achievement that marks massive savings for UK businesses.

As drivers complete the course, they learn to drive more efficiently, sensibly and safely. Research shows that Smarter Drivers save about 20p per litre of fuel – savings that add up over time to a formidable sum.

For instance, motorists who drive 12,000 miles a year could save £250 on petrol, depending on the national average price.

30,000 employees driving 12,000 miles a year in company vehicles add up to a potential savings of over £7.5 million.

Businesses looking to reduce the overall cost of their fleet are encouraged now, more than ever, to closely examine the benefits of the Smarter Driving programme. The price of enrolment per driver has just been reduced from £25 to £15 for bookings of 100 employees and up.

Smarter Driving programme manager, Bob Saynor, said: “Smarter Driving helps companies to cut down their company fuel spend and makes significant reductions to their carbon emissions and green credentials”.

Small companies looking to build their fleet should turn to UK Carline, which offers great car leasing deals for quality, fuel efficient vehicles. If petrol costs are a real concern, the Smarter Driving programme can help, but fleets comprised of economical cars are an absolute must.

To maximise savings for business owners, UK Carline offers discounted rental rates for business contracts. The Citroen C3 Picasso Estate is widely renowned for its fuel efficiency, making it a great option for any fleet. Business contract hires are available at £188.99 per month.

Priuses are also a popular, petrol-saving option. UK Carline has the sleek Toyota Prius Hatchback available for lease at £271.42 per month. This little gem gets a 72.4 miles per gallon – hard to beat! Plus, Priuses are sure to ramp up any business’ green credentials, as its CO2 emissions are remarkably low. Fiat 500 Hatchback Special Editions are another great option, available at £166.17 per month.

UK Carline has plenty of options available for your perusal online. Check them out and see which could save you the most.

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