Petrol consumption has fallen 20%

JonathanApril 5, 2013

New research by the AA shows that Brits are buying 3.5 billion fewer litres of petrol than they were five years ago.

Diesel sales have increased as an indirect result, however, sales have only risen by 1.9 billion litres – not enough to account for the drop in regular fuel consumption.

Including diesel, 34.2 billion litres of fuel were sold last year, compared to 37.7 in 2007. These figures, released by the Department of Energy and Climate change, reflect a 9.3 per cent drop in overall consumption.

In 2007, fuel stations sold an average of 0.1 billion litres of fuel a day. The most recent figures suggest that sales have dropped to 0.09 billion per day, equating to a reduction of 10 million litres a day.

Non-supermarket stations took the biggest hit, with sales decreasing 7.7 per cent. Supermarket retailers saw a reduction of only 0.6 per cent.

The fall in fuel sales may be explained by the worldwide green campaign to protect the environment. Fuel efficiency has been a long-standing priority for car manufacturers, and increased awareness of CO2 emissions has led to a rise in public transport’s popularity. Smaller petrol vehicles are also contributing to shrinking fuel sales.

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