South Pole arrival on Antarctic expedition

JonathanDecember 27, 2013

Two explorers have successfully arrived at the South Pole as part of a world record journey that will take them across some of the world’s most hostile terrain.

Land Rover global brand ambassador and Polar explorer Ben Saunders and adventurer Tarka L’Herpiniere have reached the halfway point on their expedition to retrace and complete Captain Scott’s iconic ill-fated Terra Nova expedition.

Scott’s journey took place in 1910-12 but the modern teammates have only completed half of their mammoth task. The pair have covered 900 miles (1,450km) in 63 days along the Ross Ice Shelf, which took them across the Beardmore Glacier and the Antarctic Plateau to the South Pole.

The team have had to battle temperatures as low as -46°C and, to make the situation worse, Antarctica has 24-hour daylight in its summer season.

Now they have reached the halfway point, Saunders and L’Herpiniere will now head back towards the coast and Scott’s Hut, retracing their steps, and will have to battle through the Beardmore Glacier again. They aim to complete their journey by the middle of February but will have to cross the Ross Ice Shelf in order to achieve their goal.

However, the expedition has already proved challenging as the pair had to navigate through the Beardmore Glacier. The 8,000ft obstacle is a punishing task for even experienced climbers and has only been achieved by a handful men including Captain Robert Falcon Scott.

The feat took the adventures ten days to finish and couldn’t have been done if the pair hadn’t completed an intensive, 12-month physical training programme.

Saunders’s Land Rover Discovery played a key role as it helped them travel to a number of hostile environments in the UK, Europe and Greenland as part of their preparation. Planning for the expedition also included the use of the Climatic Development Suite at Jaguar Land Rover.

Mark Cameron, Land Rover’s sponsorship director, said the pair’s daily progress has been incredible.

“They are both remarkable men with incredible determination and fortitude. They epitomise all that Land Rover stands for and I am delighted they are doing so incredible well,” he added.

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