The End of Speeding Tickets?

JonathanApril 4, 2015

New Ford Car Watches the Speed Limit for You?

Before self-driving cars hit the roads properly, we will probably be seeing new cars getting the smart tech that makes self-driving vehicles possible. Ford are leading the way with their Intelligent Speed Limiter technology.

The Intelligent Speed Limiter is designed to help prevent drivers from unintentionally (and otherwise…) going over the speed limit, and will be introduced in the brand new Ford S-Max model.

You will be able to specify a top speed to make sure you’re never accidentally speeding, and when the system is switched on it will use dash-mounted cameras to watch out for speed limits, and automatically increase or decrease the car’s speed accordingly. The data can also be pulled from a sat-nav if one is installed.

If you exceed the speed limit, an audible warning alarm is triggered, and the engine stops getting fuel until it slows down enough. The system can be over-ridden by tapping the accelerator.

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