The Price of Parking – 3 Ways Your Car Could Improve Your Kerb Appeal

JonathanNovember 21, 2016

Kerb appeal of often a big factor in deciding whether or not you want to buy a certain property. While it might be perfect on the inside, if it’s sat on a less than impressive street, it’s not uncommon to think twice before committing to a mortgage. But just how much do cars play a part in this?

We conducted a survey to find out how big an impact this has, and found that 36% said they’d be put off buying a house based on the cars parked on the street. In light of this, we’re looking at how you can boost your street’s appeal with a little careful parking.

3 Ways to Improve Your Kerb Appeal Using Your Car

1. Park It

If you live on a street that’s constantly lined with cars, it can make parking a little tricky. So, instead of leaving your car half blocking the pavement and half stuck at an angle, make sure you practice your parking skills. And don’t worry – everyone’s afraid of parallel parking until they’ve done it successfully a few times!

What’s more, if your car is neatly tucked away, you’ll be less susceptible to knocks and dents from other people, helping to keep your car’s appearance, and value, in tip top shape.

2. Secure It

If you’re parking your car on the street, make sure you aren’t taking up so much of the road that it’s difficult for cars to pass by, while also ensuring you do the same for pavement users too. Taking little precautions, such as tucking your wing mirrors in, can make a big difference when it comes to avoiding unnecessary knocks.

A big factor in helping to keep your car secure is to prevent it from appearing like an easy target for break-ins. This means not leaving valuables on view, making sure you always lock it, closing windows and having a car alarm. Deterrents such as these might seem small, but could go a long way when it comes to deterring thieves.

3. Clean It

First impressions for potential home buyers can mean a lot, so if you’re conscious of your car adding to this, make sure it’s presentable. As well as being secure and conveniently parked, keeping it looking clean and polished will go a long way in helping your street look neat and tidy.

In The End, Let’s Face it!

There comes a point when your car starts to lose its appeal. Maybe what you need is a new car to impress potential property buyers. Car leasing is the cheaper and easier option for getting yourself a brand new car that will surely improve the kerb appeal of your street. So be sure to check out our leasing deals online!


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