The right vehicle choice ‘is vital for new businesses’

JonathanJanuary 25, 2012

Choosing the right vehicle can be crucial to the success of a delivery business and those who are starting up have been given some advice by

The group is a community of small business owners in the logistics industry and founder Sam Knowlton said that the most important question firms will need to answer is whether they need a van or a car.

Leasing a van for a short period may be a simple and cost effective way for businesses to ascertain their needs. Van leasing also has the advantage of bypassing any high upfront costs which could be very restrictive for a new start-up.

“Many people assume that they need a large, professional-looking vehicle to run a courier or delivery service. In some cases, that is absolutely true. However, I know many couriers who have been quite successful with ordinary passenger vehicles,” explained Mr Knowlton.

Even those who decide that they need a van are still faced with a myriad of choices.

He said that large vans should only be used if absolutely necessary, as many clients prefer deliveries to be discreet.

The expert said the next stage was to weigh up the three important factors: “Fuel economy, fuel economy and fuel economy.”

Mr Knowlton added that businesses will soon learn that petrol and diesel costs are their biggest expenditure and it is savvy to get a vehicle which could provide any type of advantage.

If a business only travels 200,000 miles in a van at an average of 15mpg,that would amount to 13,300 gallons of fuel, which would produce a significant dent in any balance sheet.

This comes after the British Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association’s head of communications Toby Poston stated that small businesses would find it much easier to rent their vans than to privately own them, as cash flow would be more controlled.

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