Things to keep in mind when leasing a van

JonathanNovember 25, 2013

When shopping for the best van leasing deal it’s worth keeping in mind what you need out of the van for it to be a worthwhile hire. Some vans cost less than others to lease, but not all vans provide you with the same return on your investment.

There are a variety of vans with different body types on the market. Knowing which bodystyle to buy is very important; there is a world of difference between flatbeds and panel vans, for example.

The most common type of van is a panel van. The defining feature of a panel van is the fact that it is flat, has an enclosed loading bay and more often than not has window sections that are blanked out.  Other popular bodystyles include box vans, flatbeds and pick-ups and double cabs. There are many great van styles and at UKCarline we have the best vans available for leasing at highly competitive prices.

If you need any help picking out the right vans please call UKCarline today and a member of our enthusiastic team will be glad to help you.

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