THINK! film shows effects of morning after drinking

JonathanDecember 23, 2013

Car leasing can give drivers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a number of high-end models. New vehicles often feature the latest technologies that are designed to make the driving experience as enjoyable and as safe as possible.

However, being safe when you are behind the wheel is not just down to safety features – a lot of it is down to the motorist.

It’s a well-known fact that drinking alcohol can severely affect your driving skills. However, many people don’t consider whether or not they could still be over the legal limit the morning after a big night out.

A new THINK! campaign has highlighted the importance of being aware of how much alcohol you drank the night before and if you could still be unsafe to drive.

Roads minister Robert Goodwill announced the new video that warns drivers about how many people are still over the limit the morning after they have been drinking.

The video is the latest initiative from the government’s THINK! campaign, which was launched earlier this month (December 2013). The scheme aimed to highlight the “snowball” consequences of a drink drive conviction.

It has been launched online to try and encourage motorists to stay safe over the festive period, when many people will be drinking more than normal. Statistics show that a fifth of incidents related to drink driving happen in the morning.

A sober-looking businessman who talks about how alcohol is still affecting his body after an evening of drinking is the focus of the campaign’s video.

The video is the first to use a drunk presenter as the man mimes to his own drunken voice that was recorded the night before.

He says: “The voice you’re hearing is mine; it was recorded last night, after I had a few pints…because alcohol takes so long to pass through my body, even though I feel sober now, my body is still drunk.”

The actor struggles to mime to his slurred voice and looks embarrassed as his drunk message is played.

The film was directed by double-Bafta winning director Dominic Savage.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr Savage said the video is powerful because it is weird hearing a drunk voice from “the lips of a seemingly sober person” but it is a strong way to show that the body is still drunk the morning after.

Road safety minister Robert Goodwill said even if you feel sober the morning after, your body can still be over the legal limit.

He warned that, if a driver is caught, they could face a minimum 12-month driving ban, a criminal record and could even end up with a prison sentence.

However, there is also a financial impact of driving over the legal alcohol limit. According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), the complete cost of a conviction could be up to £50,000. This is based on someone losing their job as a result of their conviction, receiving the maximum fine, the average cost of legal fees and increased insurance premiums.

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