Tips for driving in the snow

JonathanDecember 18, 2013

Driving in the snow can be testing for even the best of drivers. Treacherous, icy roads and poor visibility can make driving at this time of year particularly dangerous, but by picking up the right habits you can make driving in winter a less stressful experience.

Prepare yourself

In poor conditions it’s always best to prepare for the worst. Always wrap up well, taking a torch, shovel, food and a blanket with you. It’s also advisable to take jump leads and a mobile phone. Getting stuck in traffic without these necessities is nobody’s idea of fun and can sometimes prove fatal. Using winter tyres, or at the very least ensuring you have 3mm of tread on your tyre, will also make driving safer.

Drive cautiously

Driving slowly is of the utmost importance when roads are icy. Beyond that, you should try to avoid suddenly applying brakes, throttle or steering. Equally if not more importantly, if you’re finding it difficult to gain traction avoid excessive acceleration as it will likely exacerbate your difficulties.

By following the two general rules and the tips above you’ll go a long way towards protecting yourself and your vehicle.

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