Top Gear to Air Argentinian Special

JonathanDecember 8, 2014

The Top Gear crew

Top Gear to Air Argentinian Special

In their recent trip to Patagonia, the crew of BBC’s Top Gear were pelted with stones (scroll to the bottom for a video) thanks to controversy caused by Jeremy Clarkson’s number plate taking a dig at Argentinian defeat during the Falklands War, and as a result of more threats of violence had to flee the country.

Well, it turns out they had enough footage to put together a TV special anyway – which is set to air on the BBC on December 27th and 28th.

They announced on their blog details surrounding the show, and have mentioned a “climax that wasn’t really on the cards”. In spite of their controversial reputation, we’re pretty big fans of the show at UK Carline – and we can’t wait.

Top Gear team Pelted with Stones Footage

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