Top three ways vehicle leasing can make business better

JonathanJune 24, 2014

With business getting ever more competitive, having that edge on your competitors – no matter how small – is becoming increasingly important. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, and with many bodies now convinced that the UK is in a stable recovery, now is the time when many companies are looking to expand.

Driving your business forward often includes a number of factors. When it comes to expansion, many companies want to analyse and reduce their expenses and tighten their profit margin. One way that companies can slimline their business practices is to opt for leasing the vehicles needed to run the firm day-to-day.

It may seem like a small change but car or van leasing can have a huge impact on your company, allowing you to benefit from a high number of advantages.

We've picked out just three of the most common benefits of opting for car or van leasing.

Cost efficient
As previously mentioned, profit margins are a big part of running a business, or else it wouldn't be a business. This means that making cost savings where possible is imperative, especially if you want to get ahead of your rivals. One way that this can be achieved is to lease the vehicles needed to run your business. Whether you are a trade that needs a number of vans to practice, or you just want one or two company cars, leasing them from a trustworthy provider can make noticeable savings to your running costs.

Not only do you not have to put together a large sum of cash for the deposit of a car or van, but the monthly payments for leasing a vehicle are far more reasonable than finance and you aren't paying for interest. 

Car leasing also allows you to benefit from newer models with fresher technology, which automatically reduces your overhead costs. You will find that, with a modern car or van, you pay less for MOTs and road tax, as well as seeing significant reductions in the amount of petrol each vehicles consumes.

Brings professionalism
Having your workers turn up to their appointment or business meeting in a brand new vehicle allows any business to evoke a sense of professionalism. Whether your company is a local plumber or you are the owner of a global corporation, what you and your colleagues drive has a big impact in what people think of your company or brand.

Continues the brand
Leasing a number of cars or vans from the same manufacturer can give a continuation of your company's ethos across the firm. It may be that you want the reliable but sleek style of a Ford, the cost efficient and eco-friendly look of Hyundais or the high-end luxury that Audi or BMW models emit.

Whatever you pick, your choice of vehicle can have a big impact on how consumers and peers view your brand. As such, it can be an easy way to get the message across that you want to convey.

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