Alfa Romeo has inspired an exclusive guitar

JonathanJune 23, 2014

Luxury car maker Alfa Romeo has been the latest inspiration for a custom-made guitar at Harrison Custom Guitar Works.

The Yorkshire-based guitar shop has created an ultra-exclusive electric guitar inspired by the manufacturer's design and heritage. The Italian car maker has inspired a new instrument that is completely custom-made and draws inspiration for its design from the style, materials and technology of the Italian brand's road cars.

However, you may want to start saving now, as the specially designed piece will set you back the price of a reasonable new car. Alfa Romeo fans will have to shell out £4,000 for the guitar, which is hand-built to order and takes around eight months to finish.

However, if you don't mind spending this amount of cash on a new guitar and fancy getting your hands on one, you'll have to act fast as just 11 will be made. The small number represents each decade that the brand has been running for as the Alfa Romeo guitar celebrates the Italian car maker's history.

The Alfa Romeo guitar champions everything that makes the cars so special, as it is built for performance, as exclusive as a supercar, and requires the same painstaking attention to detail from specialist craftsmen to complete. It has also broken some boundaries.

To make the new guitars, materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre, which are rarely used in the craft, will be included in the design. This is opening up an entirely new concept for the industry and its open design, bold Alfa Romeo colouring and 25 inch scale length makes it as noticeable as the supercars themselves.

Its custom design sees the body crafted from poplar wood and taking inspiration from the iconic front grilles seen on many of the Italian models. The Alfa Romeo badge with engraved collar acts as the guitar's volume dial and the pick-ups, tail piece and bridge are all milled from high quality solid aluminium billet. 

Guy Harrison, owner of Harrison Custom Guitar Works said: "As a concept, the ‘Alfa Romeo' guitar seeks to mirror the passion, the curves, the sportiness, and the occasionally unconventional designs you get with Alfa Romeo through the grille shape, the use of high-quality materials and the sleek body."

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