Toyota wins green manufacturing award

JonathanNovember 8, 2011

Car manufacturer Toyota has won a sustainability award for its green approach to vehicle production.

Businesses or consumers looking for the greenest option for their car leasing needs could be interested to hear that Toyota has been named Europe’s most environmentally-friendly manufacturer.

The Japanese car firm won the World Trade Group’s 2011 Green Manufacturing Award and was presented with the accolade at the fifth annual Strategic Manufacturing Awards ceremony in Dusseldorf.

Judges based their decision on several factors that related to the manufacturing process such as the amount of waste produced during manufacturing, how energy efficient facilities are, the effective use of water and a company’s compliance with existing green regulations.

Several short-listed companies were assessed but Toyota was bestowed the honour after the car manufacturer displayed a clear dedication to environmental factors in its production system.

The organisation’s facility in Burnaston is a good example of its commitment to sustainability. The plant no longer requires the use of landfills or incinerators to dispose of its waste and makes use of solar panels to provide enough energy to build around 7,000 cars.

“This award recognises the tremendous efforts by the members at all of our European Manufacturing facilities who continuously improve and apply their knowledge of and expertise in the Toyota Production System to their daily activities,” said Steve Hope, Toyota’s general manager of plant engineering and safety.

Individuals who are wary of green issues can be safe in the knowledge that Toyota’s environmental concern is not only confined to their current manufacturing process. Between 2001 and 2009 the firm managed to reduce the consolidated impact of its vehicles by 40 per cent.

This figure was a cumulative one for changes which saw a 38 per cent decline in waste produced, a 44 per cent fall in the amount of water the manufacturing process required and the amount of volatile organic compounds each vehicle needed cut by half.

Alternatively, people looking for contract car hire could choose the Volkswagen Golf Blue Motion, which was recently named ACFO Fleet Award’s Green Vehicle of the Year.

Posted by Paul Jenkins

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