Trust turns to car leasing to cut costs

JonathanMarch 21, 2011

Healthcare body the Western Trust has set up a car leasing scheme for its employees as a way to reduce its outgoings on staff transport.

The Londonderry Sentinel reported that the organisation estimates it will save approximately £110,000 each year by using this system rather than by paying full travel allowances.

A spokesperson from the trust explained to the news provider that any employee who also uses the leased vehicle for personal journeys has to pay for this usage through deductions from their salary.

The representative added that staff pay for their own fuel and are reimbursed for their business use at a lower rate than those driving their own vehicles.

Nearly 200 employees take advantage of the car leasing scheme, the newspaper noted, although the organisation has a staff of almost 12,500.

The Western Trust provides healthcare services to approximately 290,000 people across five local council areas in Northern Ireland.

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