UK Carline & Feefo: Reviews You Can Trust

JonathanJune 19, 2015

UK Carline & Feefo: Reviews You Can Trust

You might have noticed over the past few months on our main website we’ve had a box of regularly updating customer reviews. It’s missing right now: we’re upgrading to the swish new Feefo 2.0 – but you can still view our newest, and all the rest of our reviews here.

We choose to work with Feefo because their values reflect our own:

  • Genuine: There is currently a lot of bad press about fake reviews – Feefo’s processes do not allow for this
  • Leaders: Like us, they work hard to be industry experts & leaders in their field
  • User Friendly: They want to give the customer the best and most straightforward experience
  • Impartial: Much like us, they are independent & unbiased. Negative reviews should not be shied away from.
  • Fun: We both want the customer to have a good time in their experience!

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