We Went on a Scottish Adventure

JonathanAugust 29, 2018

We saw some amazing sites along with the way and captured some of those astonishing views with the help of our little flag bearer. Images: Proace at Loch Lochy, Proace at Trump Turnberry, Proace at Greenock, Glenfinnan overlooking Loch Shiel, Glenfinnan Viaduct “AKA the Harry Potter Bridge”, Our little Flag bearer in Greenock.

We Went on a Scottish Adventure

We were lucky enough to take our demo of the Toyota Proace Verso VIP 2.0 Diesel 180hp Auto to the next level with a family trip to Scotland this bank holiday weekend. What a machine!

We started off from Preston, up the M6 to Carlisle, were we headed along the A75 to Stranraer, and from here up the A77 to Kilmarnock where we stopped for the night (Day 1 complete). Day 2 saw us work our way back to the coast and up the A78 towards Wemyss Bay, through Greenock, and over the Erskine Bridge on the A82 up to Fort William (with a little detour to Glenfinnan to see the Harry Potter sites), past Loch Ness, and up to Inverness for the night. On the third day we worked back home over the Queensferry Bridge with a day in Edinburgh and a final night in Peebles. Final day saw us down the A74 and M6 for home.

Over the 4 days we visited the following locations – Stranraer, Kilmarnock, Wemyss Bay, Fort William, Glenfinnan, Inverness, Edinburgh and Peebles

We racked up over 900 miles on this journey, with an average of just over 42MPG, which is fabulous given this is an automatic and has the higher 180hp engine, the Verso made the journey an absolute delight. There was ample room for all the home comforts without feeling too cramped, or having the rear-view mirror scuppered, the kids had plenty of room in the second row with tray tables, separate air-con and more than enough power points for those lovely peace-keeping electronic devices.

Behind the wheel, the technology made the journey such a pleasure – adaptive cruise control, head-up display and the automatic gearbox made the drive smooth and simple. The heated, leather front seats with massage function ensured my partner and I were in comfort every step of the way. I did have some concerns about driving such a distance about getting tired very quickly, but I was pleasantly surprised to feel fresh and ready to jump out and view the sites along the way!

The Proace Verso comes in many forms. You can choose 3 options of engine/gearbox from a manual 1.6 Diesel 6-speed gearbox, which gives you up to 54.3MPG, up to the 2.0 Diesel 6-speed Automatic, producing up to 49.6MPG. You have three options of size depending on how much load space you require: Compact, Medium, or Long; and for those finer touches, 3 levels of specification – Shuttle, Family, or VIP. Finally, your seat configuration, whether this be 7/8 or 9 seats you require – full details can be found in the brochure (click here to view).

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