Will stationary fuel cells drive change in company car leasing?

JonathanMay 18, 2011

With stationary fuel cells predicted to rise in popularity in the years to come, company car leasing could evolve to make use of the eco-friendly power source.

Stationary fuel cells offer a static source of energy for use in systems such as uninterruptible power supplies, mobile telecommunications networks and in residential and commercial combined heat and power installations, says clean energy analyst Pike Research.

By 2017, the insight provider anticipates there will be 1.2 million units sold each year for use in on-site power provision.

Kerry-Ann Adamson, research director at the company, says: “Stationary fuel cells are gaining increased attention and interest from a variety of stakeholders.”

For organisations keen to make use of greener company car leasing services, stationary fuel cells could be one way to cut carbon emissions.

They may prove to be a way to offer a static recharging point for electric battery-powered vehicles, without drawing energy produced at fossil-fuel power plants from the mains supply.

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