New 7 Series Tech to Trickle Down?

JonathanSeptember 9, 2015

The luxury and tech featured in the new 7 Series is astounding – with the focus not just on the driver, but the passenger too.

BMW Blog sat down for an interview with BMW chief designer Karim Habib, who believes innovations of the 7 Series will trickle down into other models:

The level of finesse and quality that we have now in the 7 Series interior, you will find that in the BMWs coming out on the streets. The sporty driver-oriented interior will always be part of BMW’s character and identity, but we found ways where we can combine that sportiness with that level of quality, finesse and refinement that is expected today of a luxury car manufacturer.

The next-gen 5 Series is likely to be the first model to feature the high quality materials and craftsmanship of the 7 Series, and future versions of the X range are probably going to be getting a sweet share too.

Via BMW Blog

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