Best World Cup anthems for driving

JonathanJune 10, 2014

It's that time yet again, the sticker albums have been bought, your spare change now goes on packets of stickers and you have reserved your place in the pub or cordoned off the TV remote for Thursday (June 12th) evening.

The World Cup has brought us some pain, discomfort and downright anger, but come on, we need to find that silver lining. So the tournament has brought us years of disappointment, failed penalty shoot outs, disallowed goals and, of course, that sending off in '98. 

But the World Cup also brings us many great things. Every four years we are treated to a month-long tournament where the best footballers from across the globe battle it out for the Golden Boot, pride and bragging rights. Some will cry, some will celebrate, and some will fight, but all-in-all, it makes a fantastic month of TV.

It also brings us some legendary songs. Both the official and unofficial anthems of the World Cup manage to fix themselves to each year's tournament and bring back an element of nostalgia whenever we hear them.

These are our top five World Cup anthems that are all ideal for the in-car football fan.

5 – Monty Python – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (2014)
With the official anthem of 2014 being such a letdown, this is my World Cup song of the year. Re-mastering an old favourite, the Monty Python gang bring a flavour of football to their iconic song. Featuring lines such as “Then they go and let you down, And come slinking back to town, It's time for this daft song to begin;” what better way to bring in the World Cup?

4 – Ant and Dec – We're on the Ball (2002)
The loveable Geordie duo re-worked an old Arsenal anthem to inspire the team and rally the nation. It quickly became the most popular song for the Korean-Japan tournament. 

3 – New Order – World In Motion (1990)
One of the few official, Fifa-approved songs to make it onto the list, getting New Order their only number one hit. Although not as sentimental or funny as some of the others on the list, it makes it to number three for John Barnes' sensational attempt at rapping.

2 – Fat Les – Vindaloo (1998)
A football anthem that is so integrated into pop culture that even non-football fans know the song. Originally meant as a parody, it ended up becoming the official theme song for the 1998 World Cup, completely overshadowing the Fifa-approved Spice Girl track. 

1 – Baddiel and Skinner – Three Lions (1998)
This is a very factual list, based on months of piling through facts, figures and anything else scientific. But, as a side issue, this happens to be my favourite all-time World Cup song, even though it was originally intended for the Euros of 1996 to mark "30 years of hurt". It is an anthem that brings people together and tells everyone that "England's gonna throw it away" – what more do you want?

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