Bosch produces 5 millionth start/stop device

JonathanJanuary 10, 2012

Bosch has announced that it has completed the production of its five millionth start/stop starter.

Those who rely on their vehicles for work purposes, or even those looking to save money on their motoring costs, may want to ensure they fit one of the devices to their cars or vans.

Alternatively, they could make use of a car leasing company which will provide them with models that already have the Bosch system as well as other efficiency measures.

Bosch began producing the start/stop system towards the end of 2007 and believes a production rate of more than a million a year is testament to the device’s success.

“Start/stop is a cost-effective way to reduce fuel consumption considerably. We are expecting every second new car in Europe to be fitted with a start/stop system by 2013,” said Dr Ulrich Kirschner, president of the firm’s Starter Motors and Generators division.

Currently, the fuel saving measure is fitted to one new car in three, with most European manufacturers using them in compact cars, premium saloons and some even incorporating it into powerful sports models.

Car leasing customers who drive cars fitted with the technology in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) can reduce their fuel consumption, and thus their carbon dioxide emissions, by five per cent, but the start/stop device does have the potential to be even more effective in differing traffic conditions.

“Depending on the type of route, the enhanced start/stop systems can save an additional ten per cent of fuel,” Kirschner added.

Those who hire new vehicles will make additional savings as Bosch has stated its engineers will make further improvements to fuel efficiency in the future.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders recently hosted an event at its headquarters in London to celebrate the career of Robert Bosch, the founder of the automobile technology company.

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