Electric car leasing deals can be cheaper than purchase

JonathanJuly 20, 2011

Electric car leasing deals may be a more economical option for green drivers than purchasing an eco-friendly vehicle.

Robert Fowler, chief executive of Alternate Vehicles Technology (AVT), suggested the cost of electric vehicles (EVs) may put people off buying them.

Commenting on the likes of the Nissan Leaf, Mr Fowler said many people have expressed their disappointment at the price, which he believes is one of the most important factors.

The Nissan Leaf costs from £25,990 on-the-road, which includes 20 per cent VAT and a £5,000 government incentive.

Mr Fowler added: “It is difficult to make the capital cost of an electric vehicle with good batteries and good performance and range cheap enough to compare with petrol or diesel cars.”

However, it is cheaper to run an EV than a traditional motor, so electric car leasing deals may be more cost-effective for some drivers.

Mr Fowler predicted the rise in the cost of fossil fuels will encourage the widespread take-up of EVs over time.

Posted by Matthew Painter

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