The Hyundai i30 is now available

JonathanMarch 30, 2012

The new Hyundai i30 goes on sale in the UK today and its mix of efficiency and high spec mean it looks set to be a favourite with fleet managers across the country.

It comes with the lowest fuel consumption and the lowest benefits in kind duty for 40 per cent taxpayers.

The manufacturer is committed to clean diesel technologies and the new 1.6-lite engine features Intelligent Stop & Go and an impressive grunt to give the car 128ps, while still emitting less than 100 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre.

Tony Whitehorn, president and chief executive officer of the firm, said: “The new generation i30 represents another leap forward in terms of Hyundai’s design, refinement and build quality.”

Drivers can get the standard version for £14,495, but those looking to save even more money could choose the model as part of a car leasing firm. This would allow them to receive all the benefits that the i30 brings while avoiding the upfront costs.

The latest incarnation of the i30 was recently announced as Car of the Year 2012 by leading motor review website CarBuyer.

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