Introducing the Range Rover Sentinel

JonathanSeptember 7, 2015

Set to be properly unveiled later this month, Land Rover are going to be taking orders of their brand new Sentinel model.

It features all the standard kit you’d expect from a high-end Land Rover: leather upholstery; dynamic stability control; dual-zone climate control; plenty of legroom for adults in all seats; six piece armoured passenger cell – designed to withstand 7.62mm high velocity, armour piercing incendiary bullets, lateral protection against 15kg TNT blasts, and DM51 grenade explosions from the roof and floor; bullet-proof privacy glass; and a sat-nav.

No need to double take, you read that right: the Range Rover Sentinel is an armoured beast, and is certified to VR8 standards against ballistic threats by QinetiQ – an independent organisation that was formerly a part of the British Government’s Defense Establishment Research Agency.

The 20in split-rim alloys with run-flat inserts that ensure the vehicle can be driven even if the tyres are deflated

The list price will be around £300,000. A full driver training programme will be included, and a 3 year/50,000 mile warranty is standard.

Via Business Car Manager.

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