Is Your MoT Wrong?

JonathanAugust 27, 2015

15% of MoT Tests are Found to be Incorrect

Research conducted by Auto Express suggests that 1 in 7 MoT tests are incorrect.

Obtained figures from the DVSA’s annual MoT Compliance Survey show 15% of results were incorrect, with 18% of those given a pass when they should have failed. Furthermore 11% received fails when they should have been passed. Faults that were missed or ignored were found in almost a third of vehicles tested.

The statistics from 2014 was taken from a ransom sample of 1,800 vehicle testing stations, and showed an increase of 2% in errors over the previous year.

“The DVSA continues to take the quality of MoT testing seriously. Garages who fail to meet the required standards risk having their licence to carry our MoT testing withdrawn”

Further data analysis by Auto Express revealed an average of 9% of all new vehicles fail their first MoT after 3 years, meaning of the 2.4 million new cars registered last year an estimated 222,879 will fail their MoT in 2017.

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Source: Auto Express

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