The best films to feature the Ford Mustang

JonathanMay 2, 2014

With the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang approaching, along with its debut launch in the UK, we thought we'd take a look back at this iconic car's history. 

The 'Stang is one of the most iconic cars to ever emerge from America and has become synonymous with the nation itself. Since its first launch at the end of 1964, over nine million Mustang models have driven out of car showroom, but it is the new UK-based model that is expected to take the figure well over the ten million mark.

However, the idea for the Mustang came well before it actually launched; funding was approved in September 1962 and two years later, the first 'Stang galloped off the assembly line. It was almost an overnight success, with more than 22,000 selling on its first day.

Apart from becoming a quintessential part of American popular culture, it has become a regular sight on many films and TV programmes.

Here's a rundown of our top three favourite Mustang moments on the big screen.

Charlie's Angels
You can't deny it, if you were a teen in the 1970s, you wanted to be Charlie and have his angels. The cars weren't bad either and the 1976 incarnation saw a Ford Mustang of the same year heavily feature. The version was a Cobra II and Farah Fawcett drove it magnificently.

Diamonds Are Forever
James Bond nearly always manages to make his way onto most lists, especially where cars or gadgets are concerned. Sean Connery ditches the usual Aston Martin for a taste of what them across the pond have to offer. He gets behind the wheel of a 1971 Mach I Ford Mustang in Diamonds Are Forever and looks super cool.

Thomas Crown Affair
Another Bond, but not playing 007 this time as Piers Brosnan takes on the guise of Thomas Crown. We all know that only extremely cool people can be cast as James Bond and Mr Brosnan continues this aura of cool effortlessly with his 1968 Shelby GT350.

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