Mercedes launches YouDrive campaign

JonathanOctober 1, 2012

Mercedes-Benz is about to launch a modern new promotional campaign for its A-class range, which it hopes will match the innovative and creative standards set by the cars themselves.

It will be called #YouDrive and the scheme will be a pioneering industry and social media first. It will make use of Twitter to allow television viewers to dictate the course of action in a three-part story that will be aired during the breaks in next week’s (October 6th) X Factor.

Viewers’ Twitter votes will decide whether a young music star and his female friend make it to their secret gig or not, with Top Boy actor Kane Robinson playing the protagonist alongside actress Wendy Glenn.

After the revolutionary event, fans can see all the available outcomes in a dedicated channel on YouTube. Anyone who tracks down the date of the gig in the films can enter a competition to win their own A-Class.

David George, marketing director at Mercedes-Benz UK, said: “The new A-Class represents a new, younger, more dynamic Mercedes-Benz brand, which is reflected in this campaign. It’s a modern Mercedes-Benz, that encourages people to do what we know they enjoy; to get involved. In doing so, we hope to really cut through and create a positive, lasting impression on their view of the brand.”

The A-Class is on sale now, with prices starting from £18,945, but in keeping with the ethos of innovation, there could be a more effective way of acquiring a car.

A personal Mercedes car leasing plan allows people to have all the benefits of driving such a modern model without having to pay the high up-front costs that are associated with cutting-edge innovation.

For instance, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class Diesel Hatchback A180 CDI Blue EFFICIENCY SE has a basic list price of £20,555, but can be leased via contract hire from just £213.00 a month.

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