Vauxhall vehicles perfect for Anglian Water

JonathanJune 15, 2012

Whatever a firm’s business is, if they need to rely on vehicles a car leasing scheme could be of benefit to them.

Anglian Water, the largest water and wastewater service in England and Wales by geographic area, has placed significant demands on its Vauxhall models for around a decade and the manufacturer now accounts for 90 per cent of its 2,000-strong fleet.

The company is finding that the vehicles are perfect for its rather specific needs and its current arrangement is helping them give a great service to its own customers.

“Put simply, our current fleet is the best, most cost-effective solution we’ve ever had,” said Nigel Allen, Anglian Water’s Fleet Manager.

He added: “We’ve been constantly impressed with the vehicles’ prices, maintenance costs and residual values.

“The two major drivers for our fleet decisions are whole life costs and CO2 emissions, both from an environmental and financial point-of-view. The whole life costs of all our Vauxhall vehicles – both cars and vans – are incredibly impressive and we also see the benefit of the ecoFLEX models in our fleet, including the New Combo and Vivaro ecoFLEX.”

Its fleet of 2,000 vehicles includes 1,200 light commercial vehicles, 600 cars and 200 trucks and heavy vans. Most of the car fleet is comprised of Corsas, Astras and Insignias, while the New Combo, Vivaro and Movano model account for 95 per cent of the vans.

He explained that maintenance of this huge fleet is streamlined while the technological advantages implemented in the models is really starting to help lower Anglian water’s carbon footprint.

In addition to the low emissions afforded particularly by Vauxhall’s ecoFLEX models, Anglian Water’s commitment to reducing environmental impact extends to its vehicle fixtures and fittings.

The water company chooses to take short-term ownership of its vehicle for a period of four years, before selling the cars on when they reach 100,000.

Smaller firms could even choose a more flexible car leasing scheme which mean that they do not need to pay the upfront costs associated with purchasing a car or even a fleet.

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