• L200 Model Range

    Mitsubishi - L200 Model Range

    Pick Up 2.4di-d Warrior Double Cab 4wd

    From £174.98 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Transit Custom Van Model Range

    Ford - Transit Custom Van Model Range

    270l1 2.0tdci 130ps Trend

    From £155.86 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Boxer Van Model Range

    Peugeot - Boxer Van Model Range

    335 L3h2 2.0 Bluehdi 130 Professional

    From £190.47 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Transit One Stop Model Range

    Ford - Transit One Stop Model Range

    Transit 350 Rwd L2 Tipper 2.0tdci 130 1way

    From £188.74 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Ranger Model Range

    Ford - Ranger Model Range

    Pick Up 3.2 Tdci Double Cab Wildtrak

    From £239.08 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Berlingo Van Model Range

    Citroen - Berlingo Van Model Range

    Van 1.6bluehdi L1 625 75 Enterprise

    From £133.12 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Transit Custom Van Model Range

    Ford - Transit Custom Van Model Range

    290l2 2.0tdci 130ps Trend

    From £162.53 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • E-nv200 Van Model Range

    Nissan - E-nv200 Van Model Range

    Van 109ps Acenta

    From £234.39 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Trafic Van Model Range

    Renault - Trafic Van Model Range

    Van Ll29dci 120 Business+

    From £199.79 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Vito Van Model Range

    Mercedes - Vito Van Model Range

    Van 111 Cdi 1.6 Long

    From £177.26 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Expert Models Range

    Peugeot - Expert Models Range

    Van 1.6 Bluehdi 115 Professional Start+stop

    From £169.22 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Hilux Model Range

    Toyota - Hilux Model Range

    Double Cab 2.4 D-4d Invincible X

    From £280.48 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Dispatch Model Range

    Citroen - Dispatch Model Range

    Van 1.6 Bluehdi M 95 Enterprise

    From £191.46 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Partner Van Model Range

    Peugeot - Partner Van Model Range

    Van L1 1.6 Bluehdi 100 Professional

    From £128.13 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Navara Pickup Model Range

    Nissan - Navara Pickup Model Range

    Double Cab 2.3dci 190 Tekna

    From £220.10 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Trafic Sport Van Model Range

    Renault - Trafic Sport Van Model Range

    Sport Van Ll29dci 120 Nav

    From £207.59 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Transit Connect Model Range

    Ford - Transit Connect Model Range

    200 L1 1.5tdci 120 Limited

    From £160.57 Per Month(Ex. VAT)
  • Vivaro Model Range

    Vauxhall - Vivaro Model Range

    L1h1 Van 1.6cdti 120 Sportive 2.7t

    From £199.25 Per Month(Ex. VAT)

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Van Leasing

At UK Carline, we are the leading online choice for businesses looking to save time and money with our cheap van leasing deals.

If you run your own business, or are an employee needing a cost effective alternative to purchasing a brand new van outright, then why not take advantage of one of our flexible UK van leasing packages? These can be tailored to suit the needs of you and your business, and can incorporate a multitude of upfront rentals and mileages, and can include optional extras such as our comprehensive maintenance packages. We have a full range of vans available, and are able to lease anything up to 3.5 tonnes. Here are some of the different ways to finance your new van.

Van Contract Hire (Sometimes known as Van Lease Hire) 

If you know what mileage you will be doing over the term of your lease and you generally keep your van in good condition then Business Contract Hire could be the right way to finance a new van. Contract Hire is a very popular type of lease. It allows you to fix your monthly rental over a set period of 2, 3, 4 or 5 years and the price would be based on what mileage you travel over that period. At the end of the agreement you just hand the vehicle back to the finance company and it is their responsibility to dispose of the vehicle at the end of the lease. You may be liable for some charges at the end of the contract if there is any damage to the vehicle which is outside of the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear policy and if you exceed your mileage allowance. You can also include a full maintenance package which includes all your routine servicing, repairs and tyres which is a very cost effective way to budget your service and maintenance costs.

We can offer no deposit van leasing to keep your business costs to a minimum and help with cash flow. We also offer flexible finance lease on all our vans which can be a great way to finance your new commercial vehicle.

Van Finance Lease

Business Finance Lease is probably the most preferred way to finance a new van with our customers. It works in a very similar way to Contract Hire in that you pay a fixed monthly rental based on a fixed period and agreed mileage allowance. The main difference being that at the end of the lease you will be responsible for disposing of the van and clearing off any final rental or balloon payment which its often referred to as. The size of the balloon at the end of the agreement will be dependent on the lease period you choose and the agreed mileage allowance. If the sale price of your van is higher than the final rental or balloon price on your lease agreement you get to keep the additional equity in the van (subject to a small fee) which is payable to the finance company. However if the value of your vehicle is lower than the agreed final payment or balloon then you must make up the shortfall. You also have the option of extending your lease at the end of the agreement by paying a nominal sum known as a peppercorn rental allowing you to keep your van on your books for a further rental period. Finance lease is great for cash flow as you pay VAT on the rental on a monthly basis rather than all upfront.  

Flexible Finance Lease

Our flexible finance lease package offers you all the benefits of the traditional finance lease above without having a final payment or balloon payment at the end of the lease. The monthly rentals on a flexible lease would be higher than that of a traditional finance lease with a balloon payment but it means that you will have more equity in the vehicle at the end of your agreement subject to a small fee which is payable to the finance company. For more information on all our funding options please contact our sales team on 01995 641111.

If Finance Lease is your preferred way of running your van fleet then you have come to the right place. UK Carline offer a wide range of funding methods like Contract Hire, Finance Lease, Lease Purchase and Contract Purchase so you can rest assured that we have your best interests at heart and we will look after you every step of the way to leasing a new van for yourself or your company.

Why Choose UK Carline?

We have a full spectrum of commercial vehicles available, from pickup trucks through to 3.5 tonne vans, and everything in between.

Whether you need a single van for delivering goods to your local customers, or a competitive deal on a whole fleet of commercial vehicles without the headache of maintenance or wear and tear costs, UK Carline will deliver the most affordable, fully inclusive van lease package that has you completely covered at all times.

Our team are always available to provide the best UK van leasing deals: let us save you and your business money, and get in touch today on 01995 641111.

van leasing with uk carline