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Data Protection

By submitting this proposal form to U.K.Carline Limited you grant us/and/or our Finance Partners authority to carry out searches, as detailed below.

Use of Your Information

Your information will be held by U.K.Carline Limited and/or our associated Finance Partners.

We will share your personal and business information from your application form with our various Finance Partners and Electoral Roll systems to verify your information. U.K.Carline Limited and/or our Finance Partners will share this information with fraud prevention agencies and anyone appointed to help administer your agreement or to recover amounts owing. U.K.Carline Limited and/or our Finance Partners may obtain information about you from credit reference agencies and various group records to check your credit status.

If this is a Personal, Joint, Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company LLP or PLC application you are giving us permission to search and record all business and personal information associated with the application, and create a link between your financial records at credit reference agencies.

We may discuss your application and/or your agreement with our supplying dealers or Finance Partners.

We may ask you to provide physical forms of identity verification or search the files of credit reference agencies which will keep a record of our or our partners search, whether or not your application proceeds.

We/our Finance Partners and the credit reference agencies will also use the records for statistical analysis about credit.

By providing this information it gives credit reference agencies information about how you manage your account. We and other companies will use this information to assess you and your household for: credit and credit related services; motor, household, credit, life and other insurance proposals and claims; debt tracing and recovery; prevention of fraud and money laundering; statistical analysis about credit, insurance and fraud; and market research.

We do not sell or pass on your details to any third party for marketing purposes.

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