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Additional Services

Additional Car Leasing Services on offer from UK Carline

Rather than just offer fantastic car leasing deals, UK Carline has invested time and money to ensure we offer our customers guidence on all the products and services that are available to them and will help with the running of their vehicle. There is a brief description of the current services listed below however we do recommend you contact one of our account managers to discuss these products in detail and do your own research online.


It is always your responsibility to maintain the vehicle as per the manufacturers guidelines. Some are insistent that you use their own appointed dealerships, others are more relaxed so as long as the vehicle is serviced by a reputable service centre and parts of similar quality are used you will not have any problems. Some of the benefits of using a maintenance program arranged by your finance company are as follows:

  • Control of the servicing costs, including the prices charged for parts and labour.
  • Spreading the cost of the servicing over the term of use rather than paying the expensive bill in the month the work is carried out.
  • Cover for all tyres and expected service items including batteries, exhausts etc. Some of our partners will give full tyre replacement.
  • Collection and delivery service.
  • Compliance and Fleet operator buying power.
  • As all invoices will be checked you will avoid the potential of being overcharged by your service centre.
  • Peace of mind.

For more information regarding our available Maintenance Service, click here.

GAP & RTi Insurance

Why Should a Customer buy Financial GAP?

  • Car crime represents nearly 25% of all crimes
  • More than 1,000 cars are stolen every day in the UK.
  • More than 1/3 of cars stolen are never recovered.
  • Of the recovered cars over 50% are written off.
  • 800,000 cars are written off per annum due to accident or crime.

The Financial Gap product offers protection against any shortfall between the motor insurance pay-out and the financial settlement required to close the finance agreement. There are different levels of cover available, please contact our account managers to discuss the products for your consideration.

Why should you consider return to Invoice insurance.

In the event a customer's car is stolen or written off and declared a total loss by their motor insurance company, RTI / GAP will pay to the customer the DIFFERENCE between the amount payable by the motor insurance company and the original invoice price, or the finance settlement figure up to a maximum of £20,000

These two products differ slightly depending on the funding plan you choose, with a lease or contract hire where the vehicle will be returned to the finance company it is the gap insurance which covers your rental commitment, whereas on a purchase plan like HP, Lease Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase the RTi insurance will cover your investment by paying the difference between the motor insurance pay-out and the original invoice cost. There are exclusions and conditions on both policies which we will explain prior to you taking out the cover.

Fleet Risk Assessment.

In the current climate of compliance and regulation there are many issues facing the fleet operator. We wish that ignorance was bliss but with the changes in legislation this assumption could result in prosecution. Changes post-Hatfield train crash tragedy means that any company that has 5 or more members of staff who can drive for the business needs to carry out a road risk evaluation by law. This includes driver standards, driving licence checks, having a drink, drugs and a distance policy. If the company has not carried out this work it could be investigated by the police as a road death at work will be classed as an unlawful killing.

UK Carline has a simple software solution that will carry out the assessment, recommend areas of attention and keep you compliant. Contact one of our account managers to discuss this matter further.

If you want to try our free 7 day system trial click here. The correct sales reference to use to complete the form is 373


Supagard is the UK's market leader in professionally applied quality car care products, and is approved by most leading car manufacturers. Our comprehensive range offers world class protection and value to both new and used car customers through a massive network of dealers across the country.

The packs are available from as little as £10.00 per month and contains the following:

  • Paint protection: protection for 3 years for the paintwork and the need to apply polish on a monthly basis.
  • Fabric Protection: cover against spills like coffee or juice staining the seats.
  • Carpet Protection: cover against spills, like coffee or juice staining the carpets.
  • Vinyl Protection: Prevents fading or discolouration from the sun, helps dashboards keep their appearance.
  • Leather Care: This helps keep the leather supple whilst caring and protecting it at the same time.
  • Key Recovery: Keyfinder tag offering a reward for the return of lost keys.
  • Security Window Marking.
  • Driver pack: this contains first aid, fire extinguisher and other useful road side items.

Accident Management

All vehicles supplied by UK Carline come with complete an accident management service. There is a simple log in to be completed, and then your car and drivers will have peace of mind in the unfortunate case of an accident. This service includes replacement vehicle provision, assistance with the repair claim and help if there is any injury as a result of the accident.

Click here to enquire with one of our team about registering your vehicle or fleet for Accident Management.

Fleet Review

In these difficult economic times a fleet health check is more important than ever. During this review we will evaluate the current vehicles you operate over a number of factors including finance cost, running cost and disposal value. We may recommend you cash in the current fleet for a cash injection or switch the way they are being funded. During all of the reviews we have carried out we have been able to recommend changes that resulted in a net cost saving to the company: even simple driver training and awareness can make a significant reduction in your company’s fuel burden. We strongly recommend you take up the current offer of a FREE OF CHARGE fleet review.

Click here to enquire with one of our team about our Fleet Review service.

Help With Fair Wear and Tear.

UK Carline and its partners apply the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association) guide to Fair Wear and Tear. The aim of the guide is to provide an industry-wide accepted standard that defines fair wear and tear on passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles when they are returned at the end of a contract or finance agreement.

On collection, the vehicle must be in a safe and roadworthy condition, with all of the appropriate keys, equipment and documentation available. The vehicle must have a current MOT certificate. A charge will be applied for vehicles returned without a current MOT certificate as UK Carline have to arrange for the vehicle to be collected by trailer and then to have the vehicle tested before sale.

Vehicles should be serviced to manufacturer's serviced schedules and have stamped service books to document this. The stamped book must be available for inspection and returned with the vehicle. If the book has not been stamped or service invoices have not been provided as proof of servicing, contract hire companies will levy a charge for incomplete and missing service histories.

A charge will be levied for spare keys and missing standard items e.g. satellite navigation discs that are not returned with the vehicle. The vehicle should be sufficiently clean to allow a detailed inspection upon hand-over, this inspection does not form the basis of a re-charge it merely describes the condition. In some cases the collection agent is not a qualified vehicle inspector and will not be able to tell you if damage falls outside the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear conditions.

It is in the interests of the customer to point out damage to the collection agent and retain a copy of the collection appraisal for their records. Qualified assessors can only undertake a re-charge inspection in good light after the vehicle has been cleaned. You can expect a charge for vehicles affected with unsatisfactory in-life body repairs that require re-painting to meet manufacturer's standards.

There may be a charge to customers for damage not recorded on collection notes, when damage is obviously not new but has been missed by the collection agent. When there is a recharge query, the team reviews the evidence on both the inspection report and the collection note. If the evidence is shown on the inspection report and supported by a digital image, whenever practical, the charge stands, (Poor previous repairs are often not clearly visible on digital images).

For more detailed information or any enquiries regarding the Fair Wear and Tear guide, Click here.

Short Term Vehicle Hire.

At a time when the future is a bit more uncertain than we would all like to be comfortable with, the need for short term leasing rather than long term leasing has become apparent. Many of our customers need all types solutions for vehicles for the weekend, moving office, new staff member on probation or just the lack of financial commitment that having a 3 month lease rather than a 3 year one gives them. Working alongside Avis and Northgate, we have an infrastructure to handle every requirement. The best thing is we are confident that this is the best value package in the UK.

If you have the need for short term hire contact one of our account managers, who will be able to offer assistance.

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