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BMW i8 lease

bmw i8 lease deals banner

BMW i8 Lease

The BMW i8 redefines what a supercar can be. It's the very first premium sports car with the fuel consumption and emissions of a compact car: it's official average fuel consumption rating is 134.5mpg, with 49g/km of CO2, and the plug-in hybrid engine will get you from 0-62 in 4.4 seconds. Keep reading to learn why going for our BMW i8 lease deals is the best option for you and your business


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Thanks to BMW's innovative i-ConnectedDrive subscription service, the i8 can boast a high degree of connectivity: The intelligent BMW i-Navigation system is able to calculate the most efficient route to your destination, can provide range assistance and is able to display charging station locations and availability based on real-time information. Thanks to the BMW i-Remote app, you can access current information about your i8's status, efficiency and mobility directly from your smartphone.

BMW ConnectedDrive Drive Assistance seamlessly integrates you into your immediate environment. Headlights, sensors and cameras can combine to ensure you're fully informed about what's happening around you. Key driving information can be projected directly into your line of sight through the standard equipped Head-up Display - ensuring both eyes are kept on the road. The Driver Assistant feature, also standard, includes a rear-view camera and forward collision warning - which provides the most modern warning and collision protection functions available.

Drive Hybrid

Let's be honest, you're not really here for navigation features and parking sensors, are you? This is a sexy, high performance sports car.

Let's talk about where it counts. The hybrid system combines a 131bhp electric engine with a maximum torque of 250Nm powering the front axle, and a BMW TwinPower Turbo three cylinder petrol engine with 231bhp and 320Nm torque powering the rear. In English? That means in hybrid mode you can get from 0-62 in 4.4 seconds and have a top speed of 155mph.

When you get a BMW i8 lease deal, you'll be getting a unique driving experience thanks to Intelligent Energy Management, and the three driving modes are tuned to perfection:

Comfort Mode: Every time you start the car you'll be in full electric mode. This will take you up to 40mph and a maximum range of 23 miles. Perfect for in the big city.

Eco Pro Mode: This is all about efficient driving and energy recuperation. Using the plug-in hybrid engine, you'll see fuel economy of 134.5mpg and an overall range of upwards of 373 miles - which is from London to Sheffield and back again.

Sport Mode: Guess what this does...



bmw i8 leasing rear view

How Do I Charge It?

At home, your i8 can be charged with a BMW i Wallbox Pure or Pro. These wall mounted charging stations charge it much faster than the standard supplied charge cable - the Wallbox Pro is capable of charging up to 80% of full battery capacity in less than two hours.

BMW's mobility service, ChargeNow, is the largest association of mobile charging station providers. This includes a supply of long-term parking spaces including charging facilities in locations such as multi-storey car parks. The navigation of your i8 supports you during the search for charging locations.

While driving in non-electric modes, the battery is charged directly by the petrol engine so that it is available for the boost function. Most energy is fed into the battery in Sport mode through brake energy regeneration, correspondingly less flows in Comfort and ECO-Pro modes.

Government Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

In order to help BMW i8 lease drivers offset some of the up-front cost of the purchase and installation of a dedicated domestic recharging unit, the Government is running the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. Customers who are the registered keeper, leasee or have primary use of an eligible electric vehicle may receive up to 75% (capped at £500 inc. VAT) off the total capital costs of the chargepoint and associated installation costs.


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bmw i8 with halo interior world
BMW i8 interior with Halo Interior World

Neso, Carpo, or Halo?

The Neso interior world comes as standard in this BMW i8 lease deal, and represents the cutting edge of sporting design. It conveys the sustainable and visionary concept of the I brand, and is enhanced by the use of light-hued materials. The black surfaces of the dashboard, steering wheel and footwell are offset by bright Carum Grey BMW i Spheric leather with Sitka cloth accenting - which creates a contemporary and open feel. The look can be completed with optional BMW i Blue seatbelts.

Innovative and modern, the Carbo interior world comes in three variants: dark, light, and carum grey. Carpo Dark has the classic, BMW feel and expert quality with Amido Black BMW i Spheric Full perforated leather. The sporty and modern impression is further emphasised by subtle BMW i Blue contrasting detail, Satin Silver accents and Amido metallic trim.

Carpo Light, in contrast to Dark comes with Ivory White BMW i Spheric Full perforated leather upholstery, which combines seamlessly with the black leather of the instrument and door panels, and side trim. Discreet colour contrasts in the seat stitching emphasise the exceptional craftsmanship, and deliver an attractive mix of functionality, sporting elegance and character.

Combining exclusive features with unmistakable sophistication, Carpo Carum Grey interior world delivers a modern futuristic interior rounded off with Amido metallic interior trim, Satin Silver contrasting accents, and a Deep Black ceramic finished gearstick. Exclusive i8 stitching onto the sports seat headrests add the finishing touch. All Carpo interiors can be finished off with the optional BMW i Blue seat belts.

Finishing the range of interior worlds available is the Halo, which refined luxury in a new and sustainable way. Combining natural aesthetics with classic materials and colours stylishly interprets a new idea of premium. Dalbergia Tan BMW i Exclusive leather with Sabal cloth accent combines with BMW i Blue stitching detail and seatbelt to create a sleek and modern look. Anthracite headlining creates a bold contrast in the doors, side trim and dashboard, and is emphasised by the Amido metallic trim.

bmw i8 leasing wheel detail

bmw i8 in protonic blue
Illustrated in Protonic Blue with 20" Turbine-spoke style alloy wheels

BMW i8 Business Lease & Contract Hire

For context, here we're going to compare the BMW i8 like for like with an Audi R8 v10.

First off, the London Congestion Charge: The Audi R8 will cost you £11.50 per day between 7am and 6pm - which in a 48 week year (you go on holiday, right?) is £2760. The i8 will cost you zero pounds, as emissions fall below 75g/km CO2.

Since the Audi R8 produces 272g/km of CO2, it falls into the 37% Benefit in Kind bracket (2016/17). With a new retail value of approx. £116,537, this means the monthly BiK payment for the 40% tax payer is approx. £1,437.29 (£17,247.48 per year).

The BMW i8 produces 49g/km combined CO2, meaning it falls into the 7% Benefit in Kind bracket (2016/17). With a new retail value of approx. £98,123, this means the monthly BiK payment for the 40% tax payer is approx. £228.95 (£2,747.44 per year). And yes, you read that right.

BMW i8 Lease with UK Carline

Below are some typical examples of builds for your BMW i8 lease deal. Of course, you can get in touch with our team and we can order a build to suit you and your style. Act fast, as this is a very strictly limited time offer.

BMW i8 with Neso Interior World:

  • Metallic paint
  • Carum Grey Spheric leather upholstery
  • Maintenance included (More Info)

From just £965.99 + VAT* per month (£5,795.94 + VAT initial rental)

BMW i8 with Carpo Carum Grey Interior World:

  • 20" Turbine spoke alloy wheels
  • Protonic Blue metallic paint with Frozen Grey accent
  • Carum grey Spheric leather upholstery
  • Anthracite headlining
  • Blue seatbelts
  • Gloss Black brake calipers
  • eDrive exterior sound
  • Maintenance included (More Info)

From just £1,084.99 + VAT* per month (£6,509.94 + VAT initial rental)

*Based on a 2 year business lease with 10,000 miles per annum. For personal lease just add VAT




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