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How to Check Your Vehicle on Delivery

Our Delivery Process

We have put together this guide to help you understand the delivery process, what to expect on the day of delivery, and how to check the vehicle.

Your Sales Support Administrator will contact the dealer to confirm the date of delivery for you - this will only be arranged once a pre-delivery inspection (PDI check) has been conducted. This is an inspection by the dealership to ensure that the vehicle doesn't have any damage or mechanical issues. The dealer will also check that any accessories you have asked for have been fitted.

Once the PDI has taken place, your Sales Support Administrator will contact you to arrange delivery at a date that is convenient for you. An email confirming the details will also be sent to you.

Insuring your Lease Vehicle

Once the delivery date and registration of your new vehicle has been confirmed, you will need to arrange your vehicle insurance.

Unless you have Total Care built into your contract, you are responsible for arranging insurance on the vehicle. The policy must be fully comprehensive, and the hirer obtaining finance must be the main policy holder or named driver.

For both Business and Personal Contract Hire, the finance company is the registered owner and you are the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Please also be aware that if you are using an online comparison site for insurance quotes, your vehicle registration may not be recognised as most new cars are not registered with the DVLA until the day before or day of delivery. You may need to call and speak to an adviser to arrange cover.

The Day of Delivery

Your new vehicle will be delivered to your specified address - usually your home or work, provided it is situated on the UK mainland.

Were possible, we will try arrange delivery at a time (am/pm) and date that is convenient for you. Deliveries usually take place Monday to Friday between 9am and 5:30pm

When your vehicle arrives, the handover process beings.

Checking your Lease Vehicle

It is important to take time to inspect the vehicle carefully before signing the delivery note.

We advise that you start by checking the registration number to ensure that it matches to your confirmation email. You should also check the specification matches your order (engine size, fuel type, trim level etc.).

Next, you should move onto the bodywork and interior

#1. Paintwork Scratches

Take a full exterior tour of your vehicle and check for any scratches to the paintwork which may have occurred during the delivery process.

#2. Dents or Imperfections to Bodywork

Examine all the vehicle's panels and make sure that there are no dents or imperfections. An easy way to do this would be to stand at the back of the car and look down the side of your vehicle and look for anything that stands out.

#3. Windscreen & Window Checks

Cracks or stone chips to your windscreen or windows are relatively easy to spot. Make sure to check all windows including the car mirrors

#4. Wheels & Tyres

Your car will have one of three options: a spare wheel, a space saver wheel, or an inflation kit. You need to make sure that on delivery your vehicle has one of these. In addition, check all wheels for any scuff marks or kerb marks which may have happened during the delivery of your car.

#5. Interior

Check your car's interior for any marks or scuffs. This includes any carpets, the insides of the car door, and the interior roofing. This check needs to be taken out all over the car.

#6. Light Fittings

Your car may have multiple light fittings - all of which should be checked for two things. Firstly, that all the fittings are stable and fitted correctly, and secondly that they actually work.

#7. Seats & Gearstick

In addition to your vehicle interior check, look for any rips or tears in the door cards, door sills, and transmission tunnel which may have occurred during delivery.

#8. Wheel Nut, Handbook & Repair Kit

Upon delivery, you should check that your vehicle comes with a locking wheel nut, the vehicle handbook (including service book), and the tyre repair kit. The handbook is most likely located in the glove compartment, and the locking wheel nut and repair kit are most likely found in the boot or glove compartment. Please note some vehicles no longer come with a service book - please check with the delivery driver on delivery.

#9. Sat-Nav

If your vehicle comes with a Sat-Nav, check that a key card (also known as an access card) is available, and that the Sat-Nav is working.

It is important that if you notice any damage on the vehicle, that you highlight it to the driver and make a note of the damage on the delivery note. It is also advised that you take photographs of any damage and send them to your Sales Support Administrator right away.

It is also advisable to note any specific weather conditions or light conditions that are prevalent at the time, for example, if it is raining or if there is poor visibility/light. This could mask an issue at the time of delivery which comes to light at a later date.

Delivery Mileage

Most vehicles will be driven upon delivery, so will incur some delivery mileage. All funders have an allowance for delivery miles, but this varies for each funder. Please sure that the delivery mileage amount is written on the delivery note as this will be send to the finance company after delivery.

If you are unsure how many delivery miles your finance company allows, please contact your Sales Support Administrator.

Signing the Delivery Note

By signing the delivery note, you are confirming that the details written on the note are correct. Please check before signing.

If you are unsure about anything during the delivery handover, please get in touch with your Sales Support Administrator directly, or with another member of the Sales Support team before signing the delivery note.

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