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Courtesy Cars FAQ

Courtesy Cars Frequently Asked Questions

Our Process?

As advertised, our process is simple and transparent. Once we receive your proposal form, it is then processed by an underwriter. As soon as it is approved we then provide you with an order form to sign and confirm the deal. When we receive the signed order form you will be issued with the financial documents and an arranged delivery date. The delivery date is confirmed once we receive the necessary information and finance documents from you. This whole process can take just 8 working days in come cases.

Free Delivery & Collection

We at UK Carline are not just content with providing customers with the best offers around, we also provide free delivery and collection as standard. When your vehicle is ending its lease with us, you shall receive a letter from our trusted collection agent 30 days before collection. We will also organise a collection date so suit your business needs.

Road Tax

All of our offers include the price of road tax for the full term of your contract. Just another great reason to lease with UK Carline.


It is your responsibility to organise and provide insurance for the courtesy car.

Breakdown Cover

All of our vehicles come with 12 months' breakdown cover as standard, meaning you and your customer are never stranded.

Excess Mileage

We offer a generous 10,000 miles per annum on most of our vehicles, but despite this we understand that sometimes this is exceeded. The excess mileage charge varies from vehicle to vehicle. The charge for excess mileage will be listed on your order form, or you can ask one of our experienced Account Managers who can provide you with the answers you need. Some of our current Citroen deals have an excess mileage charge of 5 pence per mile. Once you exceed 30% of your contract mileage, the mileage cost doubles.

Car Servicing

All of our leased vehicles must be serviced before the end of your contract. In some cased this can be done by your local servicing provider, but this is not always the case. Once the service has been completed, you must have the service book stamped.

What Happens if the Vehicle is Damaged?

People are often put off leasing courtesy car vehicles due to the worry of damage and the subsequent charges that may be incurred. If this is something that worries you, you can find an in depth guide to fair wear and tear here. There will also be a fair wear and tear guide in the terms and conditions of your contract.

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